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New Apple App Launched for iPhone, Guaranteed Fishing Enthusiasts to Hook!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Classifieds' started by Clavet, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Clavet

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    FishingCam, the new Apple application photo making tool from Terry Gall allows users to create fun and realistic pictures with the “perfect catch”.

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    An exciting new application is waiting to bait iPhone users with a taste for fishing. FishingCam has been developed by applications maker Terry Gall. It is designed to create realistic looking photos of fishing enthusiasts with different types of dream “caught fish”.

    The perfect catch

    FishingCam allows individuals to attain that moment of glory with a champion fish. By using the application, they can create photos of themselves or their friend with the “perfect catch”. The user must go to the Destination option and selecta winning fish from the application's gallery. There are two folders to choose from: Coarse Fishing and Sea Fishing. The former contains the Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Bream and the Rainbow Trout while Sea Fishing has a selection of fish caught primarily at sea.

    Nothing fishy

    After the user has selected his fish from the two categories, he can take an existing photo from his photo gallery or take a new one. His selected fish will automatically be added into his chosen picture. With the use of the FishingCam's Compose technology, the fish may be moved, rotated or resized to sync into the picture flawlessly. The application even allows the user to erase bits of the fish in its Edit option. This is to make way for hands or for other objects overlapping with the fish.

    Go fish

    The “perfect catch” picture cannow be saved or shared online, through social media networks or through Email. It may also be printed out as a card to be given away or to be framed as a memory. The resulting photograph is so realistic that many wonder if it is indeed real. Now, even if the fishing trip did not go as planned, the photograph will tell friends and family otherwise.

    Bait proof

    Users have been enthusiastic about this new add-on for their iPhone so far. According to fishing hobbyists, the biggest frustration about fishing is not the hours spent waiting by the water for a catch. Rather, it is coming home to friends or family and having to face remarks about not having been able to catch anything. With FishingCam pictures, this is no longer the case. They are provided with photographic proof that their day spent outdoors fishing was well worth it.

    Fish dreams

    One fisherman delights in the choices of fish available in the application. He claims that these are the kinds of fish that even the most veteran of fishermen can only dream of. According to him, being able to finally have a picture with them is nothing short of incredible. Being able to share it with friends online is another bonus of the FishingCam app.

    About FishingCam

    Interested users can download the FishingCam app for only $0.99 from the Apple App store or at the FishingCam website at http://fishing-cam.com. FishingCam is also applicable to other Apple devices such as the iPod touch and iPad with an iOS of or 3.1.3 or higher.

    You may view fan page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/...gCam/185455688192210

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