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New Filmmaker - Open Letter

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New Member
Dear everyone,

Instead of graduating last semester, I decided to make a feature film. I realized taking on the challenge would effect my performance in school but I also knew if I didn't give this film all of my attention it would suffer. That seemed more tragic to me then the thought of not graduating on time. I would've never been able to make this film without the equipment I was able to rent from my school so it was truly a 'now or never' situation. If all goes as planned I'll be graduating this coming semester and the class I will be taking won't qualify me to take out equipment so... I could honestly say I don't regret a thing. I would really love for you guys to check out the trailer to my upcoming film. After you do please leave a comment and let me what do you think! We're still trying to finish the movie (without free equipment) so included is a link to our indiGoGo campaign if you have a minute to check it out or share!

PS Follow your dreams.



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