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New guy...sort of Hi all!


New Member
Hey everyone.

I've been a lurker here for over a year, but
just decided to register and maybe join in from
time to time. I'm a composer, lyricist, and producer. I divide my time (or at least my tastes and talent) between films and musical theatre.
Check out my site for more info and samples:
Looking forward to getting to know you all.
I guess I better keep the tradition going as with
most new composers on this board....
If anyone needs a song, music or complete score,
let me know!



Holy sh**!!! What the fizzock is going on hyar??!!?!?! Holy Cow almighty!!! As soon as the page popped up I fell back in my chair and went into a seizure!!!! AHHHHH!!!! ME EYES! ME NOSE!!!! I'm....MMMMMEEEEELLLTTTTIIIINNNNGGGG....!!!!!

No but seriousely...welcome to the board. I'm Kyle...the friendly message board assh***


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Welcome aboard. Glad you decided to quit lurking in the shadows, and come into the light with the rest of us wackos.

R. Michael

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