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New marketing filmmaker looking for film scores.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by MKS-DSM, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. MKS-DSM

    MKS-DSM New Member

    Just want to put a post out there about what I am looking for. I am the Director of Social media for my company MKS Supply. What that means is I manage and post on several Facebook accounts and our Youtube account. We are a marketing company that works in the firearms industry and we represent Hi-Point Firearms, and Chiappa Firearms.

    The videos that I work on are firearm related promotion/educational and sometimes just for fun. All of the videos produced get posted to our Youtube channel and will be displayed at our booth at the annual SHOT Show, and NRA annual meeting.

    I film everything in my off-time when I am usually at the range shooting anyway. So what I am looking for is some original music for our videos. Sometimes I have a clear idea of what I’m looking for, other times I’ve got nothing. Any music that I like or use in the videos the composer/artist will get the credit in the video for the original music and in our descriptions on Youtube will include all of the composer/artists information. And if you need to score something for credits for a class I will accommodate that as well.

    Here are some links to our sites/pages.

    Main Website:

    Hi-Point Firearms site:

    Chiappa Fireamrs by MKS site:



  2. Pierre Shlimon

    Pierre Shlimon New Member


    Many thanks for the message and links. I do linke to make homemade music here and am interested in doing things which are super-small and low-key and stuff since I do not really need money etc. or want to make money from this hobby. However I'm not sure that firearm videos will be my thing(!) (I am the kinda guy who enjoyes watching a Romantic Comedy movie!). However if you do have something which might be appropriate you think feel free to contact me at Ps762@Hushmail.com. I am not exactly busy at this point in my life and the worst that can happen is that nothing happens I guess!

    Anyway I did like the clips I saw and they were nicely made I thought (although to be honest I do not get excited about this kinda stuff much in terms of as a hobby).

    Many thanks and best wishes,

  3. ClearHouse music

    ClearHouse music New Member

  4. Josh Gaskin

    Josh Gaskin New Member

    Hello I am based in the UK and I produce Film scores, soundtracks etc for free whilst I'm studying :)
  5. Filipe Pilar

    Filipe Pilar New Member

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