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New online Tool to create great Movie Posters!


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hi from the Posterini team

Our team is formed by filmmakers, engineers and other creatives. This month we launched Posterini, a tool that you can use to create great Movie Posters for your short films much faster than with any other platform. You can use templates, fully edit them, apply effects, even integrate them with a real cinema and other locations.

The basic quality is free, and we have as well a premium service that generates your poster in over 13 megapixels of size for great printing

It doesnt require registering and you can access it at

or from facebook also at:

Already people from 79 different countries have been using Posterini.

Many of us are also filmmakers and we want to help the community with great tools so we are always eager to receive your feedback and suggestions at:

all best and lets keep creating

The Posterini Team