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Ninichi | Experienced Film Composer for Hire

Discussion in 'Composers / Royalty Free Music' started by Ninichi, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. Ninichi

    Ninichi New Member

    Hello everyone!

    I’m Ninichi & I'm a freelance music composer for indie films, animations, games and other media. I can compose in a very wide range of styles and am currently available for commissions! I’m told that I’m incredibly versatile, so do get in touch if you’d like to explore working together.


    Here are a few examples of my work in various styles:


    ‘In my 13 years of directing, producing and editing 10 feature and 17 short films, I’ve worked with many composers. None have impressed me more than Ninichi. She’s fast on the turnaround, compliments the action on screen without overwhelming it…’ She’s my first choice with anything I work on from this point forward’.

    - Dexter Goad | Filmmaker & Owner of ShadowDog Productions

    ‘Working with Ninichi was fantastic! I was impressed by the speed at which she composed the music I commissioned, and all the right moods were hit. The 'Saving Clara' theme gets me involuntarily clenching my teeth with worry during the final scene. Exactly the feeling I wanted the audience to experience. Thanks to her, I've finally wrapped up a project I had been putting on and off for 3 years'

    - Erik Boismer | Producer of Warmth

    I also have some royalty free music available for those with lower budgets.

    I’m a great supporter of indie projects and would love to hear about yours and to explore whether I can help you and be a part of it.

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  2. Ninichi

    Ninichi New Member

  3. Ninichi

    Ninichi New Member

    Finished working on Cirque du Mors - a fantasy/horror shortfilm coming out in Oct 2018. Here's a short teaser trailer:
  4. Ninichi

    Ninichi New Member

    Calico - a cute cat game, I've done the music for, has just launched on Kickstarter! kck.st/2xQ7EoC

  5. Ninichi

    Ninichi New Member

    Currently working on the game music soundtrack for MINI HOSPITAL - a super fun tycoon-style game coming out on mobile in December! The soundtrack is almost complete though - so I'm accepting new commissions NOW [​IMG]!
  6. Ninichi

    Ninichi New Member

    Cirque du Mors - has just been released on YouTube:

    Open for NEW Commissions!

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