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OnSET Film School NYC


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Film Schools often charge staggering fees. The lack of real world experience students actually receive doesn’t add up. OnSET FILM SCHOOL N.Y.C. is hands on in the development and physical production process with a focus on the business of Entertainment. All in a real time / real world production environment. At a fraction of the price. End of year 1 we produce a narrative feature film that you will work on from script to screen, learning every facet of the process. All fees are an investment in that film. You will recoup your tuition (+15%) upon distribution as a Producer. Our partners at EMMY AWARD WINNING PIPELINE ENTERTAINMENT will also work diligently to place you in the marketplace upon graduation. LEARN FROM THOSE WHO DO. OWN YOUR EDUCATION.

www.onsetfilmschoolnyc.com www.pipeline-talent.com