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Passion. Commitment


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Hi I'm Sauro,

I graduated from Sydney Film School last year and had a very successful and stressful time there. Hello to all the Swedish people I met.

I made a short film called The Tunnel about a guy who deals with the aftermath of a disastrous relationship with a wavering satanic, Gothic, suicidal paraphiliac, by driving fast straight into a dead end wall.

My next project is a short doco about Fecal Microbiotal Transplant. That's right! getting Human feces from a healthy person and transplanting it into the guts of an unhealthy person. Feces is now recognised and the most exiting antibiotic ever discovered.

I've been experimenting in my mini, purpose built lab over the past two years with information from published journals and trials. I have modified a procedure that can be enacted in a home environment easily, cheaply and safely if done properly and the right donor found. I will demonstrate exactly how to do it. Encapsulation. I'm talking about eating the stuff!!

Hopefully this will benefit hundreds of thousands of people around the world who have been preyed upon and abandoned by the Neanderthal practice of western medicine. The arts lawyers and my doctor have given me the green light and their blessing.

BUT, in the mean, my biggest headache by far is music copyright law, which is why I'm here.


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Hi, I am new here and looking to make a career in the documentary shooting. I have worked with a Vlogger but also willing to join a film school.