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Paying for Screenplays w/Strong Female Lead


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We are looking for short scripts (20 page maximum; 15-20 mins in length), or pitches for short scripts, with female protagonists who play ages 30-45. ETHNICITY MUST BE OPEN. We are open to all genres, however submissions detailed below are of particular interest: Dark twisted Drama feel (Pans Labrynth), Political thriller (The Honorable Woman), a current socially relevant event (LGBT issues, Police Brutality, Racism, Gun Control, think Tangerine) or complicated non-traditional family relationships (adoption, multiracial, blended family, or same-sex couple), dark comedy (Django, Happiness).

We are looking for writers who will be open to the producers’ creative vision and are amenable to any adaptations to the script that may be necessary to the progress of the film.

When submitting, please include "Colaborator" in the subject heading of your email along with the title of your screenplay. Please email a logline & synopsis followed by a resume and all pitches and scripts to bondmovingimage@yahoo.com.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND SCRIPTS AS ATTACHMENTS. We will contact you directly upon submission.


WGA and non-WGA writers may submit.