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Right Way to Deliver Message to Teens With a Film?


I am going to make a short film, or you can call it a documentary with my small team about the use of social media. Actually, the concept of the film revolves around how social media is influencing the lives of teens. And how they are treating their parents in this influence. In addition, I want to clarify that I am not against the use of social media from teens as I know there are many pros and cons of social media for people of all ages, but we only want to make them clear that social media is a part of their lives, and their lives are not only about social media.

However, I am looking for ideas on how we should make a balance between life and social media and how we can deliver our message to teens in a better way? Our writer made a story of a 14 years boy and a single mother. Mother is noticing that the son is ignoring her due to social media and social media friends with time. As she is a single parent and working hard to fulfil all needs of life, so this kind of situation makes her disappointed and sad.

From your end, we are looking for some pieces of advice on how we can renew their boundings and teach the teen guy how he should make a balance regarding the use of social media.

Waiting for your responses.