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Royalty Free Music by YBP Project

Discussion in 'Composers / Royalty Free Music' started by YBP Project, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. YBP Project

    YBP Project New Member

    Hello, i'd like to present my small collection of royalty-free music.

    Electronic background music for fashion shows, parties and presentations:

    Abstract Dreamy Background
    Female Sexy Voice In Fashion Chillhouse Night Show
    Fashion Inspirational Dreamy Dance
    Fashion Show Background
    Fashion Show Background 2
    Fashion Electronic Background
    Funky House Fashion Show

    Positive motivational background music for business meetings, corporate parties, photo sessions, coffee breaks and presentations:

    Happy Corporate UpBeat Intro
    Positive Motivation For Successful Business
    Lounge Relax Background
    Funky House Corporate
    Beautiful Time
    Cheerful Dance
    Happy Colours

    Chherful, uplifting and emotional electronic tracks:

    Inspiring Dream
    Uplifting Inspiration

    Ambient electronic tracks with relaxing or exciting melodic forms can be used as a background for natural or space geographical videos:

    Inspiring Serenity
    Ambient Nature Background
    Piano And Sax Suite for Dreamers
    Sad Cinematic Background

    Thrilling music themes for action movie soundtracks:

    Crime Story

    Inspirational Adventure

    Short atmospheric logos:

    Feeling Energy
    Fresh Atmospheric Logo

    Thank you!
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  2. YBP Project

    YBP Project New Member

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