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Ryuno's music store: custom music and SFX for your projects!


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Hello, I'm Ryuno. Some of you may know me from the Light Novel series The Longing of Shiina Ryo ( http://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/index.php?title=The_Longing_Of_Shiina_Ryo ), from the Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 2 compilation ( http://chiptuneswin.com/album/chiptunes-win-volume-2-2 ) or from a recent Comiket 85 release ( ). My game audio work has been featured in games such as SlotTitan, Slot Circus and several others.

Here are some demos of my work:

Cinematic Demo 1: Cinematic Demo 2: "Nuclear Winter", based on Carol of the Bells: Short jazz track for last year's Ludum Dare challenge: Modern Metal track, "Ars Finita": https://soundcloud.com/ryunocore/ars-finita
Chiptune track, "Wub Dub De Club": https://soundcloud.com/ryunocore/wub-dub-de-club

I'm currently making my services available as a Sound Designer, Music Composer and Audio Engineer for freelance or part-time work. If you need electronic dance tracks with cutting-edge sounds, retro music to accompany your 8-bit era inspired game or powerful and aggressive down-tuned guitar work, let me know. Besides Dubstep, Metal and Chiptune I have worked with Drum & Bass, Electro, House, Trance, Ambient, Jazz, Breakbeat, Classical/Cinematic score, Hardcore (both mosh-pit and UK genres), Glitch Hop, Flamenco, Pop/Alternative Rock, Drumstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Synthwave and many more.

My services aren't limited to composing and remixing tracks: I can develop custom sound effects for your project using a wide array of synthesizers. Also accepting mixing and mastering gigs: if you have a problem with your project's audio, we can work on a solution. My prices are accessible and I work exclusively with Paypal.

Skype: Ryunocore

Thank you for reading this. I look forward to working together on new and exciting projects.