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Screenwriter and Director

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Michael Kakoczki, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. Michael Kakoczki

    Michael Kakoczki New Member

    I'm currently a horror student film maker and I'm working on couple of projects, my main one is
    I'm be filming and uploading to this page
    I am a independent student and still looking for a school but I'm hopping to get support for my films and if anyone has a cool idea for a movie idea in horror I would love to work you and I'm also mid-level video editor :)
  2. GregB87

    GregB87 New Member


    My name is Greg Birkumshaw (www.gregbmusic.com), I'm just finishing my Masters in Composition to Moving image, where I've studied over two years to a "Very High Distinction" level, composition styles in sound design, music/music'al clich├ęs, sensory-stimulate sounds and how I communicate and coincide them all to help with audio dramatics.

    With the Time/gaps between projects I write, and produce my own audio/sound plays...
    (one of which I think made it to the website?... need to load more?...) :)

    I've just come to the point of being told to find a website, so, I did, and she's still in teething bless her? :) haha

    But... Should you want to look www.gregbmusic.com... it's sparse at the moment but, if you would like a specific bespoke sample, I'd be happy to oblige?!!! :D

    Thank you,

    Greg Birkumshaw

  3. Michael Kakoczki

    Michael Kakoczki New Member

    Thanks I will look into it what type music you do I need some music to be made for my film I'm making. I'm still finishingthe script but I'm be filming each video like a series
  4. Michael Kakoczki

    Michael Kakoczki New Member

  5. GregB87

    GregB87 New Member

    At least your's looks nice... haha...
    Mine was changing everyday... and just as I thought I knew what I was doing, I turned everything Transparent?!!!... ha... :eek:
    Look forward to the possibility of working with you... how has scripting been going?

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