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Service to help writers and filmmakers get their films made!


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We are about to release LinksWeaver, a service that helps creative people of all backgrounds find the team they need to complete common goals.

We have a short 2 minute video on our site, www.linksweaver.com that explains in more detail just some of the features LinksWeaver will offer. But basically, through LinksWeaver users can post projects that they would like help with to complete. Think of it as searching for a partner or a team rather than looking for an employee or contractor. Users can create profiles and through LinksWeaver, users can communicate with each other to collaborate on projects.

You could have a filmmaker looking for somebody to compose a soundtrack, or somebody who has written a screenplay and is looking for a team to film it. These are just two examples of how it can help you.

Open beta will start soon but please sign up to our newsletter now to be kept up to date with all the latest news.





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Hey all,
Just to give you an update on LinksWeaver we have confirmed its launch for September 5th.

We also need your help, please take a look at http://www.indiegogo.com/linksweaver and help us share the project! There is lots of information on there about LinksWeaver and just what it can do for you.