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Shifting exposure


New Member

So this is my first post here, and I'm unsure how appropriate of a forum this is to be asking this, but here goes.

So I'm working on my first feature film. I shot the entire footage on a Canon Vixia HF G10, which is pretty sweet in low light situations, until it starts to shift exposure mid-shot. So for a few shots in the film, the exposure gradually shifts over 2 or 3 second from an adequate setting to way too high.

I'm about to start with post production on the piece using Premiere, and I wasn't sure if there was something I could do to fix this gradual shift. I know how to work the luma curve to reduce exposure of the entire shot, but is there anyway to equalize the gradually changing exposure or am I eternally screwed?

Thanks a million you guys! I'll owe anybody who can help me with this a kidney!


New Member
You can keyframe the exposure to increase or decrease throughout the shot. With some tweaking, refinement, and adjustment, you can most likely get footage consistent in exposure.

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