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Short Drama Film ★★★★ - Teddy Bear Blues - (18 minutes)

Nathahn Howe

New Member
A teddy bear’s stillness is given a sense of life in this thrilling and sensitive story told through the eyes of this very teddy bear. In this tale of turmoil a poor teddy bear is sent on a destructive journey leading it through good times, bad times and everything in between. On one eventful day the story unravels, sending our poor traveler, the teddy bear away from his quite li
fe of luxury into a world of hardship. The teddy bear goes on quite the journey, at one point staying in a mansion and another slumming with a bum on the streets of Tulsa. This short story has a powerful theme of giving to those around you, and the teddy bear plays the symbol in portraying this theme. In many small acts of kindness the teddy is passed along from one person to the next. Giving each person a love and affection gained through it’s hardships. Passed along and torn away to be resurrected again, the bear begins to take on a sense of kindness. Sharing each person’s most deep emotions and life experiences as it falls both into their lives and abruptly vanishes.
Comes out online in early January :)

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