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Short Film/Doc - Ultiwed - Surprise Proposal and Wedding on Same Day


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In this true story we meet Sherwin and Selena. Having gone thru abusive relationships and near death experiences, as well as loosing almost everything during Hurricane Sandy, Sherwin decides that he wants to marry the love of his life Selena and comes up with a plan to propose to her and get married to her on the exact same day without Selena ever realizing it until the day of the wedding. Sherwin plans the wedding along with Selena's friends and family for over a year in a half trying to capture the essence of what Selena would want as a dream wedding. With over 200 people sworn to secrecy many obstacles get in the way of reaching Sherwin's goal. How does he jump over every hurdle like getting Selena a wedding dress, or even getting a wedding license. What about the honeymoon? A true labor of love. Considered the greatest wedding story ever told by veterans of the wedding industry with over 2000 weddings served. A must watch romantic film.

Hi all, Let me know what you think. I welcome the feedback.

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