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Short Violent Crime Comedy

Discussion in 'Action' started by ccp024, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. ccp024

    ccp024 New Member

    Hey guys! Just finished up a new film and wanted to hear some input from people other than my friends and family, as you know they are slightly biased. So here's the link! Tell me what you think!

  2. ccp024

    ccp024 New Member

    First off thanks for responding! And I get what you are saying about the plot! I have never considered myself a good writer haha so I feel next time I have to work on characterization more and of course as you said make the plot a little more realistic. But I don't know what you mean by lens shift? You'll have to pardon me I am self taught with this stuff so I don't know all of the phrases. Also while I got you here what should I do about audio? I keep on getting that fuzzy sound in the background, should I shoot different or do more in post?

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