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Discussion in 'Studentfilms.com News & Help' started by Chris W, Apr 11, 2013.

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  1. Chris W

    Chris W Studentfilms.com & FilmSchool.org Owner Staff Member

    What happened to the old forums?
    We updated the forum software to XenForo which is a vast improvement over the old version. The new software has a more modern interface, the ability to TAG posts and users, a much better messaging and alert system, the ability to "like" posts, earn "trophies", and the ability for Composers to upload and/or add their own music onto the site with the new Royalty-Free Music section.

    What happened to the old Studentfilms.com that hosted movies?
    The old version of Studentfilms.com that hosted movies was getting too complicated to maintain and run. It was running on 10 year old custom code that was extremely outdated so I decided to make the site forum only in 2010 - the forums were the bulk of the activity at that time anyways.

    In the age of Youtube and Vimeo - hosting the antiquated Quicktime files on my dedicated server was just past its time.

    However - I do have the old Quicktimes that were on the old site - they aren't the best quality compared to today's newer technology - but I could upload some of them to Youtube if people request some specific ones and post them to the Short Films section of the forums.

    My password from the old site doesn't work.
    When we converted the forums over - the passwords wouldn't convert. Use the lost password link in the login screen to reset your password.

    Do you still sell the original Studentfilms.com T-shirts?
    Yes we do. I'll post a section on how to order them again soon.

    Are you accepting new moderators?
    Yes we may. Please PM me if you are interested. Only well known members of the site should apply.

    Can I hide the advertising on the site?
    I'm planning on creating a "Supporting Member" user option for the site where for a fee (not sure what to charge yet), you can have the ads hidden, get a "Supporting Member" custom title, and free t-shirts while they last. More to come on this.
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