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Sound Designer Urgently Needed for Animated Short Film (paid)


New Member
Hi, nice to meet you all :) My name is Vivian. I'm a 4th year animation student at Sheridan College (Toronto).

I am in urgent need of a sound designer for my student film -- my original sound designer backed out due to his busy schedule.

My film is 60 seconds long. It's a personal gift to my parents, and it basically illustrates the dynamics of their relationship in a comedic way. Hopefully it will relate to many people, not just my parents! At the moment I am putting the finish touches to the reel. Here is a short snippet of it:

As you can hear, there are no sound effects, only the score.

Unfortunately, I have to have a finished product by the 20th of this month. I understand this is asking a lot, which is why I am willing to compensate for the work. I am also very open to suggestions, artistically.

Please email me if you are available: vivian.cheung@live.com
My blog: www.eggtartart.tumblr.com

Thanks for looking!!!!

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