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South Hills Records: Open Music Archive for films, documentaries,shorts

South Hills Records is a simple platform to distribute free music under the creative commons licenses, but also to sell music synch & commercial licensing to indie and commercial filmmakers, videomakers, ad agencies, radiostations, tv broadcasters, students and users that make non-commercial (or commercial) videos mainly on youtube, vimeo, dailymotion and regional or local events or broadcasts, we think that if a user wants to use a track for non-commercial usage, they can download and use the track for free, but if a user is making a commercial video (revenue), he must buy a commercial license (using prsformusic.com or directly contacting us) so we can also have a bit of that revenue. We have registered over 81 musical uses in the past 5 years (57 in the last two years), users from USA, Brazil, Italy, India, France, Mexico, Spain and United Kingdome have used one of our tracks on many of their projects. Even commercial tv channels from Mexico (ESPN Latin) and United Kingdome (BBC 4oD channel) have broadcasted one of our tracks, we also won as the main soundtrack on Rachit Barak OECD Youth Education Contest video “Education is Everything” in 2012.

South Hills Records
CEO Adrian Diaz