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Space Western needs Music!

Discussion in 'Composers / Royalty Free Music' started by Daniel Natzke, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. Daniel Natzke

    Daniel Natzke New Member


    Hey there,
    My name is Daniel, and in a little less than a week I will be shooting a short Space Western for my advanced directing class. I feel very strongly about having an original score, and I am looking for a composer.
    Sadly, I have basically no money and would not be able to pay you. So if you are a student composer or simply looking for an fun and exciting project to create something for your reel or for experience, I would love to work with you.


    When Molly Neumann is attacked by an H.P. Lovecraft Monster, she is surprised when three Ray gun wielding Cowboys come to her rescue.

    Please let me know if you are interested, I can answer any questions you may have about the project.
    Cheers! Knights of Cydonia Auditions_edited-4.jpg
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  2. Chris W

    Chris W Studentfilms.com & FilmSchool.org Owner Staff Member

    Isn't that the name of the Muse video that has ray gun wielding cowboys?
  3. Daniel Natzke

    Daniel Natzke New Member

    Yes it is! And can you believe it served as inspiration for this project?
    As for the H.P Lovecraft stuff, adding that was my idea.

  4. Giacomo Rita

    Giacomo Rita New Member

    Hi Daniel, I'm an aspiring film composer from Italy. I've just finished my studies and I'm looking for projects to make experience. If you're willing to work via the net, I'll be glad to work on your project. Check out my personal site for infos, demos and contacts: http://www.giacomorita.com/
  5. Ed Harris

    Ed Harris New Member

    Hi Daniel,

    I would like to be considered for the role of composer on your film.

    Some examples of my work can be found at http://musicbyedharris.wix.com/1

    The track entitled 'A Bit Standoffish' in the audio section of my website is an example of something I've previously composed with a western flavour. I would of course compose something original for your project.

    I look forward to learning more about your film and its musical requirements.

    Yours hopefully,
  6. genshi

    genshi Active Member

    So I'm just curious, what sort of music are you looking for? As a Director, I'm sure you have a specific style in mind that would fit with your movie, and it may help to narrow down the hordes of composers on here if you could be more specific in the type of music you are looking for (i.e., 80s John Carpenter synth? 60s Ennio Marconi Spaghetti Western? 70s Dario Argento/Goblin style? etc.)

    The premise for you film definitely sounds fun!
  7. Johan Girbau

    Johan Girbau New Member


    I've seen you are looking for a music composer for your short movie. Before sending any of my pieces, what do you want to transmit to people with your story? It is truly important in order to know which kind of music could fit to your movie!

    E.G, the HP Lovecraft Monster could be the good guy, and the music had to be focused in its goodness to make people know that. Not the best example, but I think I've explained myself!

    Hope to hear from you soon!
  8. Christopher McKay

    Christopher McKay New Member

  9. genshi

    genshi Active Member

    Well, not knowing what style of music you want, I'm going to throw something completely different up here for the fun of it... this is a retro sci-fi theme I did to some public domain footage I edited (was originally a 20 minute infomercial from the 1960s about the home of the future.)

    This entire soundtrack was made using one synthesizer, the Moog Sub 37. You might find some sounds you like that would fit your film. I also play and own (2) Theremins -

    Also, I just finished up two other short films from fellow members here; I can give you their names/contacts as reference in a private message so they can attest to the quality and speed of my work. Both were very different scores from each other (one was a piano and orchestra score for a film noir, the other a dark, abstract, minimal electronic "soundscape" score.)
  10. Kaneo

    Kaneo New Member

    Hi my name is Kaneo, I am a composer for original soundtracks. I am very interested and passionate about the role of composer for your project! This sounds like a fun project to compose for. I've worked on film music before and editing audio in for film.
    What kind of music are you looking for? I do many different styles of music.
    Sorry if these aren't close to exactly what you are looking for but here are some of my sci-fi orientated music:

    I will compose any song and any style requested, I'll do my very best with the resources available to me in order to create the desired songs and quality original soundtrack, if you would like I will provide a complimentary sample composition for you to any specification and give it a shot for you project. I'd definitely like to learn more about your film and please email me at pizbi.eop@gmail.com if you are interested at all!
  11. Well, you have a picture of cowboys, in the Southwest, in front of a spaceship. How about something traditional, or even like a Clint Eastwood, this track could be subbed out with synths.

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