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Spawn of Darkness

Aidan Collett

New Member
Aidan Collett submitted a new film:

Spawn of Darkness

In the mind there are two places: the light--riddled with confusion and greed--and the darkness--filled with man's dark desires. Between the two is a wall, a barrier between good and evil. The only thing capable of breaking this wall is the corrupter of all man... insanity. View attachment 907 View attachment 908

Starring: Aidan Collett, Craig Canning, John Hager, Anthony Vinci, Madison Corn, Nate Price, Rich Snyder, and Grace Oddo

Written by: Aidan Collett

Directed by: Aidan Collett

Produced by: Aidan Collett and the Collett Family

Original Soundtrack by: Bryce Stout and Aidan Collett

This film is in no way affiliated with Warner Bros. or DC Comics. Original characters created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.

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