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steadicam vs. glidecam?

Discussion in 'Film Production' started by Thinkingman, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. Thinkingman

    Thinkingman Member

    What are the differences and similarities. Has anyone used these? What major differences do you notice when you use one that is several thousands of dollars compared to sub-$1,000 units?
  2. funkbomb

    funkbomb Active Member

    Noticed this didn't have a reply, so I figured I would.

    I own the steadicam JR and can say it's definately worth the investment as long as you have a really strong forearm and a lot of patience. I've gotten some really fantastic shots from it.
  3. Evan Kubota

    Evan Kubota Active Member

    The Steadicam Jr. is largely made of plastic, including the gimbal.

    The Glidecams have higher quality gimbals made with aluminum and steel, as well as decent bearings. The Steadicam does come with an LCD, AFAIK.

    Either rig is pretty heavy with a camera like a GL2, DVX, etc. I have a homemade steadicam but I can only use it with my GL2 or Super 8 cameras; none of my 16mm cameras are light enough.

    The $4k+ units have real articulated arms which cancel out the up and down motion of your body; the cheaper units use your arm, which is obviously not as effective. They only function to keep the camera from tilting or rotating due to your hand, which is more significant visually than up/down or lateral movement. Decent footage can be obtained, but I would generally prefer a dolly over a cheap steadicam. There are some situations where setting up tracks is not possible.
  4. funkbomb

    funkbomb Active Member

  5. Thinkingman

    Thinkingman Member

    Actually, I tested the Glidecam 4000 and went wtih that. I still have to practice a bunch with it. The major drawback is balancing the camera on the darn thing. Takes forever and depends on if you have a big lens attachment to it.

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