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Student Film Month

Ross Henbest

New Member
**Student Film Month**

In celebration of student filmmakers everywhere and our Student Film In Transit competition, we’re launching Student Film Month at Cannes in a Van. Every day throughout February, we’ll publish a student film from somewhere in the student film-sphere.

We’ll be publishing a wealth of moving images from the infamous to the obscure, each film worthy of it’s place on our humble little stage. So what’s stopping you picking up that mouse, tablet or phone and sending us your own student short? You never know where the big yellow van might take you!

We’re even hosting a special Student Film Screen Social very soon in London so look out for more on that coming up.

It’s simple to submit…

Email us at play@screensocial.com and tell us what you’d like to show, then fill in theScreen Social submission form(please include details of production) and we’ll do the rest!
**Student Film in Transit Competition 2014**
Thanks to our friends at Ford we’ve launched a new competition for 2014 aimed at giving student filmmakers the opportunity to win funding for their short film, simply by writing a treatment.

To enter the 2014 Student Film In Transit competition follow these 5 simple steps:
1. Write a treatment for a 6 min short film based on the theme of ‘DESTINATION’
2. Send this with a link to your showreel to students@cannesinavan.com or fill out the form and attach your treatment.
3. The best 3 entrants will receive a budget to make their film
4. The 3 completed films will be voted for by the general public
5. The one with the most votes will be declared the winner of Student Film In Transit 2014 & win prizes.

* Entry is free. For full-time students and graduates (within 2 years of graduating). Terms & Conditions apply.


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