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Student Filmmaker in LA/JAPAN

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Tommy temple, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. Tommy temple

    Tommy temple New Member

    Hello. My name is Haru.
    I'm from Japan. Now, I'm staying Los Angeles to study English and make movies.

    I'm looking for friends who is making movies or CM.
    If you're staying Los Angeles and interested in filmmaking, Please let me know.
    Even if you're not in LA, it's OK. Let's be friends.
    I'm also looking for actors because I wanna know how to direct to actors.

    I've studied filmmaking for 3 years in my university.
    My major is Screenwriting, Photographer, Producer, Director...almost everything.
    I've already made 2 movies as a director.

    I wanna make movies and CM in LA. If you can help me, please let me know.
    Let's make movies together!!

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  2. Zoe Langdon

    Zoe Langdon New Member

    If you want, i think we can collaborate online for the help.
  3. Tommy temple

    Tommy temple New Member

    Thank you guys : ) If you have any recommend movies, kind of school life, student life...
    please tell me. I wanna make that kind of movies. And I'm still in LA. Does anyone make movies in LA? I'm looking for filmmaker friends : )
  4. Whitneymf

    Whitneymf New Member

    hello! I am an aspiring actor in Orange County :). if you ever need any actors for any projects please contact me. I want to get some stuff on my resume. :) thanks :)
  5. Josh Gaskin

    Josh Gaskin New Member

    Heya I'm an Audio student at university in the UK, with the wonders of the internet for communication I would be up for producing music,soundtrack,score for any projects you may have if you're interested :)

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