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Studentfilms.com is now on a super fast SSD VPS server

Chris W

Studentfilms.com Owner
Staff member
No more shared server. All SSD so everything should be MUCH faster.

The coolest new feature that this allows is that I can add a special plugin that lets you search for two or three letter words (you couldn't before) which is very useful when you want to search for USC, NYU, or BU!!!

That alone is awesome beside the super fast speed. :) Enjoy!

Chris W

Studentfilms.com Owner
Staff member
Always nice to see sites like this improving, especially on the backend where it is actually important!
Slowly and surely onward and upward. Big changes are coming in regards to the film school section of the site which I mentioned in another post.

That will allow this site "Studentfilms.com" to get back to it's roots and focusing on showcasing student work, providing tips and techniques to filmmakers, and of course providing a resource for people to get in contact with composers for royalty free music for their films.

I've also added a SFX category to the Royalty Free Music section. I thought that would be a neat thing to have too... Royalty free amateur SFX. :) I haven't promoted it yet though.

The new film school forum site where those forums will be moving to has a killer domain name which should hopefully drive a ton more traffic to those forums and thus provide a lot more users and thus alot more answers for everyone asking questions. Win win.

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