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The Resolve - Trailer

Chris W

Studentfilms.com Owner
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A couple of quick thoughts....

  • Less or no credits... no one knows your "production company" or frankly (and this may sound harsh but it's true) nobody cares. They want to experience the story. I made the same mistake in my earliest student films. A film teacher used to tell me in school ages ago that there's nothing he can't stand more than production company credits in a student film. Also - the first 30 seconds of the trailer was credits.

  • I have no idea what the film is about. You need to have some sound ups and some "scene work". I felt no connection with the characters in the film. You need to hear their voice.. or something. I'd watch a bunch of trailers that are similar to the genre of your film and see how they are done.
I hope these comments are helpful.