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Thesis Film "THERO" Looking for Cast, Ithaca, NY

Discussion in 'Cast / Crew Classifieds' started by Nicholas Ladouceur, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. Nicholas Ladouceur

    Nicholas Ladouceur New Member

    Hello, I am an Ithaca College Senior film student making my thesis film this semester called THERO. I am looking for some actors to help make this project.

    The film centers around an aged hero reminiscing on the battles of his youth. The passing of his comrades in the years since their journey has disheartened him, as well as the regret of what happened in the past and how he is perceived now. With the upcoming "50th Anniversary Celebration of Victory" tour beginning on the heels of the death of one of his friends, he becomes the last remaining member of the "Five Fabled Heroes." Throughout he struggles to find his place in a changing world that has started to forget his battles and life.

    Characters Needed:

    Thero: (50s-70s, MALE) An aged hero and last surviving member of the group of adventurers who saved the world fifty years ago. Since then he has struggled with moving on from those battles and accepting what happened during them.

    Sihir: (50s-70s, FEMALE) The second to last living member of the group. Initially reluctant to join, through the journey she became one of the most impassioned to the cause. She wants to help Thero move on but knows he needs to do this on his own.

    Old Guard: (50s-70s, MALE OR FEMALE) A guard during the first invasion who survived and years later reconnects with Thero, still knowing he is the hero he once was.

    Immortal: (20s-30s MALE OR FEMALE) His rise to power and attacks on cities triggered the need for heroes to rise to defeat him. Eventually he was defeated and locked away.

    Doctor: (25+ MALE OR FEMALE) A doctor who looks over Thero in his declining health.

    Mayor: (25+ MALE OR FEMALE) The Mayor of Faren, the first stop of the Anniversary Tour.

    Miss Faren: (20s-30s FEMALE) A model representing the town of Faren.

    Announcer/Tour Guide: (20s-40s MALE OR FEMALE) The announcers at other stops in the tour.

    Young Man: (18+ MALE) A student of the heroes seeking to learn from them.

    Regan: (Voice Only 16+ FEMALE) The healer of the group who inspired them to rise up and fight.

    Slash: (Voice Only 16+ MALE) An upbeat member of the group ready to take on the world.

    Dreyen: (Voice Only 16+ MALE) A somber member of the group who knows his duty and follows it to the letter.

    The main character Thero will be a paid position. Food will be provided during every shoot. Transportation costs will be reimbursed. Credit and digital copy of the film provided afterwards.

    Only the lead character Thero will be needed every day, every other character will be needed for one or two days.
    Shooting dates:
    Saturday, September 16th
    Sunday, September 17th
    Saturday, September 30th
    Sunday, October 1st
    Saturday, October 7th (Reshoots)

    Contact nladouceur@ithaca.edu for details.

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