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Thunder From Heaven - A Film by Mitchell Babarovich

My Dad was the one who sparked my interests in history. He made me realize that it is very important to have an
understanding of previous time and how it effected the lives of not only myself, but of others. The idea of doing a film was something that friends of mine approached me with. As the darkest chapter in human history ended in 1945, those who took part in it to repel tyranny and oppression are dying each day. Each day a significant part of history slips away. Hundreds of WWII veterans pass away as hours go by, so it is important to remember their sacrifices. I've always wanted to develop some sort of visual document that ultimately says thank you, and leaves people with a message that what they suffered through wasn't a pleasant experience. All gave some, some gave all. These veterans gave away their tomorrows, for our today. This film is my thank you and representation of history.
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(Be sure to view in 1080P HD)​
First official trailer for Mitchell Babarovich's World War Two independent short film 'Thunder From Heaven'.​
Plot: American soldiers of the 17th Airborne Division embark on the largest airborne operation in the last few months of WWII, with the ring being closed around Germany they must fight as brothers in arms to survive.​
Tagline: Those Things Which are Precious are Only Saved by Sacrifice.​
Cast & Crew:​
Directed and Written by Mitchell Babarovich​
Produced and in honor of David Babarovich​
Cinematography: John and Mitchell Babarovich​
Original Score Composer: Matthias Jacobs​
Technical Advisor: Nicholas Kurland​
Military Consultant: Jim Cavanaugh-Smith​
Narrated by Nick Peaden​
David M. Boyd as T/5. Robert Friar​
Jacob Leiker as Sgt. Mike Stevens​
Peter Mckinley as PFC. Jack Schmidt​
Mitchell Babarovich as Lt. James Weaver​
Kyle Fosso as PFC. Eddie Anderson​
Photos from the set​