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urgently looking for music composer to work on student animation film

Discussion in 'Composers / Royalty Free Music' started by jessicaz, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. jessicaz

    jessicaz New Member

    Hi my name is Jessica,
    i'm currently an honours animation university student from sydney, australia urgently looking for a music composer to work with me on my final year film. my previous music composer informed me a day ago that they are now ill and cannot continue working with me on my film. scroll down to see the early storyboard for an idea of what the film will look like
    the deadline for the film is the 22nd of october however i would like to have a sample idea by the 15th so that there is time for feedback. i know this is a very short deadline and but the final /real/ deadline will be in November for the end of year show so there will be time after these two weeks to polish.
    I'm looking for someone who can compose a soundtrack (preferably also able to provide foley sounds but not a priority) for my 2 minute 2D animated film.
    preferably i'm looking for someone who has experience with, is able to replicate or is willing to experiment with a japanese sound as my film follows the theme of the kitsune legend. although a japanese sounding soundtrack is preferred i am now at a stage where it is not my top priority. however i do know im not looking for electronic sounding music.
    i'll be looking for a composer that can effectively reflect the intensity of a hunt and chase, building tension as well as emotional drama that is presented in my film. i do not see my film requiring music through all 2 minutes, at certain points i would like silence or very minimal music. i'll provide more details later.
    unfortunately, i am student so i cannot provide payment but it'll look great on a portfolio i will give you full credits in my film. i plan to submit it to various film festivals as well as provide credits to your work on my business card at public showings.
    if you are interested please email me at jesszhuang96@gmail.com with samples of previous work and i can send you my film animatic with a proper brief.
    i'm working with a very short deadline right now so i will be looking for someone who can work with me for the next two weeks quite quickly and intensely. i can also send you the temp track i've been using previously as a rough guide or inspiration if needed.

    thank you for your attention
    i hope to work with you if you're interested in my project
    Jessica Zhuang
    p.s. below is an early iteration of a section of the film's storyboard to give you an idea of what the film looks like
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  2. Luke Ford

    Luke Ford New Member

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