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VFX Short from Film School


Hey guys! I wanted feedback on my newest short made for one of my film classes. The class is required that we film in black and white and make a silent film, which I did, but for my online upload I decided to make a sound mix for it to heighten the stylized elements in the piece.

If you like what you see, please consider subscribing, we have a lot of content lined up for release in the near future and are in the middle of building our audience.

I invite feedback and comments of all shapes and sizes, and above all, I hope you all enjoy it!


Chris W

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We've added a new Short Films section to the site where you can submit films and people can, rate and review them.

It's a new feature that integrates films into the site much better than the current way of just posting them to the forums.

In a way I'm finally bringing the site back to it's roots! :)

Please add this film and any others you have to this section when you can.