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Waml Gear

Discussion in 'Film Production' started by Waml, Jan 26, 2020.

  1. Waml

    Waml New Member

    I've been carrying this idea for a new lens on cameras. It is a fisheye lens with inverted fisheye lens. What this means is that the picture is bigger and the motion caught on camera makes it seem larger than life. So Epic science fiction would benefit from a fisheye lens with inverted fisheye lens.

    I've also thought of a way to get theatrical quality to filmmaking by calculating the size of a movie theater screen and putting that into the calculation of a raster scan. So this would become a Theatrical raster scan with instant theatrical quality to the playback of the movie on smaller screens.

    My last invention is quite simple and I'm surprised manufacturers don't already do this. But basically take those DVD's and Blu-Ray's and recycle the information on the disc format to upgrade picture quality and sound quality. This would also make the movie picture more relevant by increasing size and quality since the disc information is getting bigger and smaller between format recycling upgrade. This means you take the same movie on DVD and Blu-Ray and bounce it back and forth between the two while retaining quality information and leaving the obsolete information behind.

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