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What is a dialogue list?


New Member
hi all,

What exactly is a dialogue list that some film festivals are requesting? I know it's supposed a list of only dialogues exchanges between characters, but do I have to include the whole film or just parts of it? My film length is about 25 minutes.

If anyone have a sample that I can take a look at, that would be great.




New Member
It's actually common for festivals to request dialogue list if your film is in another language and is subtitled in English. I just found out that it has to cover all your dialogues in your film in a chronological order.

Basically, it's like a script but without all the descriptions except for the dialogues.


New Member
A dialogue list is transcription of all the speech in the film including name of the speakers in a different column. You also need to include time codes for the spoken dialogue. The onscreen titles also need to be included. You can view the template on this website:


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