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Where to Get Reviews for My Short Film?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussions' started by ErnestineSchillings, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. ErnestineSchillings

    ErnestineSchillings New Member

    I have launched my first short film and now, the film team is thinking to get some genuine reviews from the viewers. I accept that my film is not like the best ones but it is worth watching for sure. When we consulted with a social media marketing agency, they suggested us to try to get reviews on social media accounts of our film pages on Instagram and Facebook. We did and got some reviews.

    However, now, we are looking to share it at review sites like ScanGator, Yelp etc. If you know any site that covers film category then share with us. Secondly, we are also looking for editorial reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. I am not sure either they charge for it or not but we want to include our film in their listings. Please share how we can proceed further.

    I am waiting for your pieces of advice.

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