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Young Filmmaker in the UK (East Anglia)

Hi, my name is Will Grantham, I like to make short films in my spare time and at college as projects. I want to make this into a career and to use this forum for hints, tips, to maybe even provide extra knowledge for others and to also raise awareness for my short films and friend's short films. I have already had a taste of professional filmmaking when I was 9. I won a Doctor who design a monster competition and the prize was getting to go on set and meet the cast and crew.

Here are some links and I really appreciate feedback on my films and if you enjoy them, let your friends know too. I'm not in the youtube business for money (though I may consider making money out of videos in the future), I just want for people to enjoy them and I hope they'll inspire even younger filmmakers to pursue this path.

In summer 2013, I won the COLIN award for best commercial for my unofficial Mountain Dew Gorilla advert.



Enjoy and I look forward to discussing with other filmmakers. Thanks.

Pierre Shlimon

New Member

Many thaks for introducing yourself and the video links. I saw a couple and really liked them (the Mountain Dew one and the Mortal Combat one). (Even if I am from a slightly older generation!) (I am not too old only 36). You seem to have your own style to me and that is really good I think.

One thing about "going pro" as they say is from my experience as a film maker I think you fodus on the storytelling part but what goes into for example a Hollywood film is a lot and lot of production value and post-production etc. done by people who are not the filmmaker but put a lot into making the final product. I interned a summer in Hollywood a long time ago and have a in-making tape of the movie Jerry Mcguire for example and if you would see the quality of sound and stuff before it is "mastered" both audio and visually it is not too different to what you have. The story is there and it is still a good film to watch probably but to make it into the quality and packaged thing people buy on DVD I think takes a lot of dubbing and foleying and compositing and all that stuff. But as a filmmaker you really don't have to do that the companies I think will do it for you!

Anyway I wish you all the best. I make msuci at home sometimes so if you ever need some amateur film music but an old dude feel free to contact me. I'm not sure my style would suit your films. Also a while back I had an idea for a short and if you ever like to amake other people's story's feel free to contact me. I am no the kinda outdoorsy do-stuff type who can actually go and make a movie!

Manyyt hanks,


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