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  1. The forgotten Castle

    The forgotten Castle

  2. Nathan Mcbride

    Papago Park



    Directed by : Dontae Carter Written by: Dontae Carter Cast: Captain Spaceman - Michael Forsch Ecang – Jason Rosen T.3D – Raymond Gutierrez Space Pirate - Jeremiah B. McQueen Space Tiger Matt Kuri Space Tiger voice - Gus Langley
  4. Brendan Cochran

    Scenic Film Composer Available

    Hey everyone! My name is Brendan Cochran and I am a film composer studying currently at Berklee College Of Music. I have written music for student clips in the past, so I have experience with writing for film. I also write music for video games on another note, but my primary focus is film at...
  5. George Streicher

    Pulp-Adventure VFX Short

    This is a fun VFX project I started in July of 2012. It's taken a LONG time to get it done and we're finally uploading it this July. It's basically a VFX reel roughly constructed like a trailer with all that pulpy goodness! (CG airplanes, matte paintings, fight scenes, etc) Thought you guys...
  6. N

    my latest film

    it's about a strange world with talking ... well i'll let you figure it out the audio is a little messed up but i am in the process of upgrading my audio equipment
  7. HenryHodge

    LGCAD Comedy/Adventure Series Campaign!

    Click Here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/let-s-go-catch-a-dinosaur-campaign/x/797167?c=home I have created a campaign for the upcoming series 'Let's Go Catch A Dinosaur' on IndieGoGo! The comedy/adventure series is about two adventurous eccentric young men that discover a way to go back in...

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