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  1. El Visitante

    El Visitante

    Filmed in Sydney, 2014. I operated the camera while my mate acted. We sort of came up with the idea as we went.
  2. Alien Kidnap

    Alien Kidnap

    The main idea of the short film was a videogame, but then we came up with the idea of creating a short film where we showed a little the main idea of the videogame
  3. M

    'Mysteries of the Lake' - ALIEN DOCUMENTARY

    Frank is a man born in England, but moved to Sweden when he was very young. Ever since moving to the lake, he has become fascinated and obsessed with something that he believes is living in the lake. Here is a fun little documentary which I put together whilst staying in Sweden for...
  4. Marco Luca

    R'HA - An incredible Sci-Fi alien CGI short created by one man

    R’ha is simply a wonderfully detailed 3D animation created as a solo University project by Kaleb Lechowski. The attention to detail and lighting is immaculate and makes it hard to believe it was all done by one man. The characters, especially the main alien protagonist, seems to be something...
  5. E

    The Brute Killer (featuring a 10 ft tall alien creature)

    Hi everyone, Please check out my thesis film The Brute Killer and let me know what you think. It's a fantasy/sci-fi drama exploring the nature of hate, and the lasting effect it an have even after it's gone. Shot on the Red One, it features a ten foot tall alien as well as beautiful footage...

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