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  1. Zhukov


  2. The Emperor of Ice-cream

    The Emperor of Ice-cream

  3. Conscience


    This was made for my Intermediate Narrative class in my Junior year.
  4. M

    Till Death

    Hi! My name is Martijn and I'm a film student from Belgium. As graduation project I made this short film. I'm very curious about your responses.
  5. R

    Here rests my home (2012) Short Film

    Hi all, This is my second share here but it's actually the first short film I've directed and wrote. It was filmed in the countryside of Portugal. I grew up in a small village that is slowly disappearing like the rest of the countryside in my country. This film is a symbolic will. Any feedback...
  6. Marco Luca

    The Strange Death of Harry Stanley

    Starting with on-screen text that states “This film is a pack of lies”, Director Jeremiah Quinn brings into relief that it is anything but. By drawing a line between cinema and reality, he assures the viewer that despite the use of actors and other devices used in this portrayal, “I will tell...