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  1. Hooked


  2. MiniMovieTheater

    "Small Town" - Dramatic Short

    http://www.minimovietheater.com/index.php?page=videos&section=view&vid_id=100106 A young lad called Luke has dropped out of college, abandoned his friend and is heading down a long and dangerous road, but when a drug deal goes wrong will his supplier seek revenge? -A Shotgun Film...
  3. NoClassJay


    Horror fans!!! Please check out this deranged 50 minute trippy & twisted low budget gem! Write a review and/or help spread this horror-drug opus to more horror movie lovers! http://digthetunnel.wordpress.com/2013/11/24/green-hell-a-jay-crimson-film-now-showing/
  4. Marco Luca

    Shot - A film that will give you a 'high' breeze on friendship

    Taylor and Brennan get along just fine despite relying on their unconventional relationship to fulfill their addictions. A perception that leaves you puzzled at first with an unconventional connection between the two protagonists, but then hooks you between buzzing beauty and the ideal life...
  5. P

    Opulence (2013) Leave all your sorrows behind in suburbia...