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  1. P

    Short dynamic promo for a fashion magazine project

    Hi there! Recently I filmed a short promo-fashion video (1 minute) for an online fashion magazine project. I consider it a music video regarding the fact it's main part is the soundtrack and the cuts are edited to fit the song and create dynamism. I would greatly appreciate any feedback and...
  2. Papion

    Sahoco - NeW Campaign - Spring / Summer 2014 - (Directed By Papion)

    Directed: Papion ---------------------- Edited/Grading: Vasco Vieira Music: Nonono - Love ------------------------------- Fashion Designer: Patrícia Ventura Styling: Ariana Ferreira Sónia Santos --------------------------------- Models: Alexandra Nefedova Carolina Minchetti...
  3. Papion

    L'atre qui vient - ( Directed by Papion ) // Deepart Magazine // Gun L'Homme Magazine // Zodiac Maga

    L'atre qui vient (Directed by Papion) L'atre qui vient Directed Papion facebook.com/Papionphoto vimeo.com/papion papioon.tumblr.com/ behance.net/papionphotography -------------------------------------------------- Edited//Grading Pedro Baptista facebook.com/pedrobaptistamedia2013...
  4. Papion

    God Willing - Directed By Papion (HD)

    God Willing - Directed By Papion (HD) A work consisting of Muslim women in sorrow
  5. Papion

    Andromedae - Directed By Papion

    The mythological Princess Andromeda is a constellation of the northern celestial hemisphere. The genitive, used to form names of stars, is Andromedae.

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