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  1. Courtney's Dresser: Unplugged

    Courtney's Dresser: Unplugged

    Check the video out on Vimeo for higher quality:
  2. Jesse Walton

    Experienced Composer

    Hey! Firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Jesse Walton and I am a 22 year old composer from Lewes, near Brighton (UK). I have studied music for my whole life, and consider myself to be sound in all areas. I am extremely easy to work with and I am always willing to take constructive...
  3. David Mackay

    Experienced composer available for film work

    Hi I'm Dave from Edinburgh, Scotland. I have a passion for visual media and of course music and am keen to gain further experience in composing music for film. I love the way visual media and music (and sound) can be weaved together to create something more than those individual parts. I have...
  4. Sava Tsurkanu

    I'm a composer, looking for a job

    Hello! My name is Sava and I'm musician/guitarist/composer from Russia. I'm looking a job as a composer, paid or not paid - it's doesn't matter. The only thing I persecute is an experience and adding some fresh sounds for my portfolio. Usualy i'm working with rock/metal sounds, like this...
  5. Jordi

    Composer available!

    Hey! My name is Jordi and I'm a music composer. I have three years of experience in the music business, and can play guitar, bass guitar, synths/keyboards, trumpet and flute, but can also play a bit of drums and violin. I can write anything you want, well, almost anything, just say it and we...
  6. T

    Student Animators Wanted for Animation Music Video Contest

    We are cello-infused folk rock duo The Wilhelm Brothers from Asheville NC. We're inviting animation artist, especially college students, to create an animation music video for our song Dare To Dream. Submission deadline is June 19th, 2014. Participants can win cash prizes, and the winning...
  7. BungToad

    "Cannonball Rag" featuring Myself dueling guitar against Myself

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nZjNx4aa-Q party! lemme know if you luv it