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hans zimmer

  1. Kiran Dhoot

    Kiran Dhoot- Experienced Composer

    Dear Filmmakers, Directors, Writers, Producers, Actors, and of course, Musicians who want to collaborate, My passion lies in composing music for film. I have scored multiple short films and have been reserved for one upcoming feature and recommended for another. One of the scores I wrote...
  2. Kiran Dhoot

    Love music for films? Look no further!

    Hi there! My passion lies in composing music for film. I have scored multiple short films. The first film I scored, O Jardim de Sinis was screened in the Prince Charles Theatre, London, having been shortlisted in the top 10 One Shot movies of 2014. From then on, I have been approached multiple...
  3. genshi

    ::| Original Film Composer Available for your Indie/Student Films |::

    A truly original and experienced Film and TV Composer is now available for your indie film projects. For no-budget and/or student films, I will work for credit depending on the project. For medium to large budget films I accept a standard 3% fee; low budget films are negotiable. I specialize...
  4. George Streicher

    Need Film Composer? (Realistic Orchestra)

    Need an original score for your Short Film, Student Film, Trailer or Sizzle Reel? Contact me at GWScores@gmail.com I offer original film scores of all sizes and genres and can take your project to a whole new level and achieve that bold, Hollywood sound. I use high-end Sample Libraries...
  5. C

    Epic Orchestral Music (paid and unpaid)

    Hello, I'm a music composer (six5music) and composed Soundtracks since 2007/2008 for Games, Mods, Trailers, Movies, Machinimas, etc. I'm looking for a next project :) My music genres is mostly orchestral and ambiente Sounds (with violins, choir, brass, piano, etc.) and also I make electronic...