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  1. The Tracks

    The Tracks

    This was my first short film. I was inspired to write it while taking my Psychology class in High School. It took 8 Days to shoot and 6 months to edit.
  2. AnthonyBannachMusic

    Anthony Bannach Music- Composer who wants to work with you!

    Hello I'm Anthony Bannach and I'm a composer for film, tv, games, and concert music. I graduated from the University of Minnesota-Morris with a BA in music composition. In the era of home studios and music hobbyism, finding someone with actual music theory and by-the-books orchestration...
  3. AlexaSvilkic

    RamaCHau - Horror Story

    We were chilling and decided to make a short movie, we vreated a story as we were filming it , shoot all the scenes in 2 hours, and edited it in about 5hours. It may be a little boring in the begging so you can skip till 1.30min Hpe you like it

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