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international students

  1. Eugene Seo

    Seaking composer for a high school student film!

    Hi! My name is Eugene and I am a G11 student filmmaker. I'm currently making a film for my IB film course at school, and I'm in an urgent need for a composer! The film is short (around 3-4 minutes) and my curriculum forbids students to use any music that was not specifically composed for their...
  2. InternationalStudent.com

    Enter the 2016 InternationalStudent.com Travel Video Contest

    The 2016 InternationalStudent.com Travel Video Contest is now open for entries. Students from around the world once again have the chance to win the $4,000 grand prize, a $1,000 Viewers’ Choice Award, other runner up prizes, and, of course, worldwide fame. We want the best video you can make...
  3. Munich International Festival of Film Sc

    36. FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH, 13. - 19. November 2016 - Call for entries special competitions

    As part of the FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH we have two special competitions: The CLIMATE CLIPS film competition is sponsored by the Nagelschneider Stiftung - Foundation for Renewable Energy, a German non-profit foundation. The CLIMATE CLIPS Award with a purse of 5,000 Euros goes to the best clip on...
  4. InternationalStudent.com

    2014 InternationalStudent.com Travel Video Contest

    Hi all, The InternationalStudent.com Travel Video Contest is back! We want the best video you can make, no longer than five minutes long, that tells us about your proposed study abroad. If you are already an international student, the video can tell about any trip you would like to take. You...