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    типичный день киллера
  2. Aleksey


    I'm a composer. The daily life of the killer, it's scary. Watch until the end. In general, this is the first film, and we did it within 1 day. In the morning we wrote the script, and in the evening we already edited the film. Do not judge strictly. I will be happy with any advice. I'm just a...
  3. Nathan Mcbride

    Buried Vengence

  4. DeaditeSlayer

    Check out my short horror film

    Hi everyone :) I am new to these forums. I want you guys to check out my homemade horror short. I am 14 years old and this is the first time I have ever really made a film. It is honestly nothing special. It is stupid, cheesy, cheap and funny at the same time. Here's the link: Watch it and tell...
  5. Marco Luca

    Each Time Again - An unusual but compelling sci-fi short

    Ben is a serial killer, a serial killer at ease with killing even when his victims are closest to him. As a boy he’s shown a machine that wipes the slate clean and he doesn’t hesitate to use it. Over the years he’s turned his habit into a ritual and his obsession into a religion. But one night a...
  6. Marco Luca

    I Killer - A kids "Killer" gang is about to initiate two new members...

    Italian director Francesco Calabrese comes back to the short screen with a shocking short film, bringing us back to 1987 in Italy, where a group of kids initiate a newcomer to their infamous "Killer" gang. I Killer is beautiful, heavy and also disturbing, but Francesco tells the tale in a...