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musician for films and games

  1. [For Hire] Big Impact Sound | Experienced Composer will inject your project with a distinctive sound identity

    Free [For Hire] Big Impact Sound | Experienced Composer will inject your project with a distinctive sound identity

    Hi, The name is 'Big Impact Sound' and I'm an experienced composer looking for new and interesting projects! For more information about bespoke music (= custom made music), hundreds of ready to use compositions and much more, please go to: https://www.bigimpactsound.com/ Contact me now to...
  2. Tim Hilberts

    Composer/pianist/producer/sound designer looking for short film work

    Hi. My Name is Tim Hilberts I've studied music for 16 years now, primarily piano, but also orchestration/production & sound design. I've mostly written in the horror genre so far, so some diversity is much welcomed. but also, I love the horror shorts, feel free to send them my way. some...
  3. Paul Cahill

    Composer/Musician Available.

    Belfast, N. Ireland based composer & multi-instrumentalist, working throughout the U.K. & Ireland. Classically trained musician, composer, producer & arranger. Available for free to students. I am trained in composition for Film, Tv, Short Film & Games. Please look over my portfolio...
  4. Tidemand

    Versatile Composer Available

    Hello I'm a norwegian composer who works with music for film, trailer, games and media. I write mostly for the orchestra or a mix of electronic and orchestra. Please feel free to contact me if you are on the look-out for a composer for your film,trailer or game! You can check out my music on...
  5. subbbace

    Indie electronic music label looking to lease some music !!

    Hows it going,i currently run a small record label ,and in my free time i make film scores and custom sound effects for projects ,at all budgets.If anyones interested in getting a certain style dance music in there films I'm always glad to offer up some of my unreleased & exclusive music or my...

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