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  1. ovenglove

    Composer/Sound Designer looking for projects

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to put together a portfolio/showreel and am seeking projects big and small. I have a a strong musical background, have studied sound design at university and can compose in a variety of styles.I'd be delighted to collaborate on any projects just for the experience...
  2. Ann Verity

    Hi - new composer in the building!

    Hi everyone I'm Ann. I'm a composer and teacher in London looking to build up my international links particularly! I've worked on some personal film and non-film projects (currently working on some "Book-tracks" inspired by scenes from books which I would love to see put to film... anyone?) and...
  3. ccbmp

    Music/Sound/Voiceover for your films! Experienced, Versatile, and Professional

    Hello, I'm Carl. I want to let you know of my availability for composing, sound design, and voiceover work. I hold a BA in Music from the University of North Texas. I create many styles of music and I have a network of great musicians to call upon. I've worked on many film, game, and media...
  4. S

    Need someone to make a movie for me!!!

    im looking to make something of this nature if you can help please email me directly suresh@sowandreap.co.uk
  5. H

    Looking for Actors for Short Drama

    Hi guys, So I am currently a student working on my portfolio for my masters in fine arts. I am doing a short film over the summer and still looking for two actors. Main character Joshua, Male late 20s early 30s white, who is going through the pain of losing his wife and son. and supporting...

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