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production music

  1. HallaFreakquency

    Need royalty-free rock/metal for your project?

    In case you need royalty-free rock/hard rock/metal music, go check out our very affordable portfolio at AudioJungle: HallaFreakquency @ AudioJungle - Over 60 high-quality stock music items We specialize in rock but our portfolio includes a variety of styles like electro, pop, corporate...
  2. HallaFreakquency

    A music production team from Finland introducing ourselves

    Hello! We are a Finnish music production team from Seinäjoki. Our services include everything from recording to mixing and mastering. We also write and produce library music, jingles, speaks etc. We joined the forum because we are interested in learning more about filmmaking and using that...
  3. rhproductionmusic

    Independent production music composer available for shorts

    Hi there I work using a studio in Kent named Audio Sorcery where I record organic instruments such as classical guitar and double bass to create sound shapes and mood creating pieces of music. The music I create suits things like documentaries or informative media. I also believe it would work...
  4. Falanca

    Composer for your project

    I am a musician from Istanbul, composing different types of music for video games and movies. I play the piano, the guitar and baglama. Educated in Modern Music Academy in Istanbul. Being on every stage of music industry since 2004, i played keyboard in a lot of rock band, composed music for tv...
  5. Easy Music Library

    Royalty free music from the Easy music library

    Easy Music Library for on-line video, TV broadcast and film professionals. We have 1000s of music tracks for filmmakers and filmmaker categories including Epic movie, TV show and Documentary music.
  6. musicproductionbiz

    Music for your projects

    Hello, We would like to introduce ourselves and offer you our service in case you require music for your videos. We are a songwriting and music production team based in Dublin and London. Many of our songs are available for licensing through stock music websites for a very low rate. We can also...
  7. Alexey Maximov

    Hi, I'm music producer

    Hi all, I'm music producer fro Russia. I create modern and catchy music of different genres and styles (cinematic/dramatic, corporate, rock, electronica etc.) Here is my personal web page (All links for licensing here) http://musicformedia.weebly.com