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serial killer

  1. Jarod With

    Morgue | TRAILER

    "Aspiring journalist Donnie Myers’ only goal in life is to become a respected journalist. When his dreams are shut down, he teams up with his city’s infamous serial killer, following him and covering his killing spree in order to build his resume and gain the attention of popular news outlets."...
  2. Conscience


    This was made for my Intermediate Narrative class in my Junior year.
  3. Marco Luca

    Each Time Again - An unusual but compelling sci-fi short

    Ben is a serial killer, a serial killer at ease with killing even when his victims are closest to him. As a boy he’s shown a machine that wipes the slate clean and he doesn’t hesitate to use it. Over the years he’s turned his habit into a ritual and his obsession into a religion. But one night a...
  4. B


    Michael. A short horror sequence on a long term serial killer, who not only kills his female victims but preserves their bodies in an underground tomb, he is caught and questioned when a lady noticed his unconscious body and heard noises from a nearby room. I have moved away from the script in...

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